Our Mission

To be of the highest standard in the health & wellness space; helping individuals transform, adapt & change their lifestyles leading towards a healthier & a happy life.

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Our Brands

Our Core Values

Our core values focuses on the demands of our consumers and their trust in our food services for the following:

Health & Sustainability

We prioritize food for good health, creating nutritious and accessible products, while committing to eco-friendly practices and reducing waste.

Quality, Safety and Innovation

Safe, quality products with best ingredients, innovative for dietary needs, committed to health/sustainability.


We believe in being transparent about our ingredients, sourcing practices, and manufacturing processes, and empowering our customers to make informed choices about their food.

Who we are solving for?

2/3rd of INDIANS are under the age of 35 years who want to look & feel good

To cope up stress, people resort to comfort foods (usually high in sugar)
Staying healthy is on TOP OF MIND for factors like fashion, celebrity influence, peer-pressure, medical, etc.
But there’s a problem that health foods are SUPER EXPENSIVE!
The CONSUMER NEED is wholesome food, which gives energy

What our customers say about us

Asian chicken was outstanding in taste.. totally satisfied with this restaurant and there timely service.. Packaging was done by so nicely
Perfect presentation.
One of the best place to order your favourite foods. 



I would highly recommend This bowl for anyone who is craving for mouth full of food with flavours and is first timer here. 



On Sunday I had ordered mezze bowl and the taste was so good and so amazing both were fantastic and good and fastest delivery service will order soon again from you. 

Elisha Fernandes


Their grilled chicken wrap is big hit. We totally love that. The quality and quantity are both excellent. In fact, I have already told my few of friends about this restaurant and how great their foods is! Also the delivery service is quick on time. Totally worth the money. 



Wait, who told you healthy food is boring?
TBH when I first saw the super bowl full of all things healthy I was still on the fence but once I started I couldn’t stop!!!
I was in love because I had a full tummy without the guilt of consuming unhealthy food :-) 

Laveena Lobo